Honorable Asot Anthony Michael ,Minister Of Tourism, Economic Developement,Investment & Energy at JAYCEES CHEQUE PRESENTATION

Greetings one and all and, a special welcome to the lovely contestants who have travelled to our beautiful island to participate in the illustrious Jaycees Queen Show: Creative, Dynamic, Amazing. This show is an integral part of the Region’s Greatest Summer Festival, otherwise known as Antigua and Barbuda’s Carnival.

Caribbean delegates in this year's JCI Queen Show are welcomed to Antigua and Barbuda by Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Asot Michael
Caribbean delegates in this year’s JCI Queen Show are welcomed to Antigua and Barbuda by Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Asot Michael

This particular Show is special to me because of the role it plays in achieving an Antigua and Barbuda ambition. Yes, we are here to enjoy and partake in wonderful art, phenomenal music, and some of the world’s finest pageantry and cultural expression…But, more than these necessary human values, the Jaycees Queen Show is about creating unity amongst the Caribbean Island-countries.
The Jaycees Queen Show happens to be the longest running pageant in the region, thanks to the goodwill of many

corporate stakeholders. However, I also believe that this show, more than any other event during the Carnival, fully embodies that message of unity through this timeless competition. This year, 11 stunning contestants from our neighboring islands are here with us. They will join in the festivities as we celebrate emancipation, during our summer festival, and participate in friendly competition.

To that end, I am pleased to present this check of US$8,000 dollars to the Jaycees Queen Show. It is contributed on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority in affiliation with JCI Antigua.
I am additionally pleased to be present today because of family connections. My Great Uncle, Maurice Michael, was the very first President of the JCI here in Antigua. He would host the Queens at his home, each year, and contributed generously each year in order to ensure its continued success. I celebrate the legacy of Maurice Michael and those who have gone before.
May the show be once again another successful event as we celebrate the charm, poise and talent of these beautiful, intelligent. May the Jaycees Queen Show—creative, dynamic, amazing—continue its reign of longevity. Best of luck to each of our outstanding contestants!

Thank you

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