Antigua and Barbuda: Paradise in Disguise


The Land of 365 Beaches, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations. A part of CARICOM, the twin islands’ main contributor to GDP has been tourism. Asot Michael is the country’s AsotMichael CARICOMMinister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy.
Life on Antigua and Barbuda is a calm meditation on spiritual realms of inner worlds. The huffing and puffing frigates definitely outnumber the residents of these dream twin-islands. The food serves all tastes and all pockets. From authentic cavalier rum to spicy Susie’s hot sauce, Antigua serves it all. Its sun-dried seed jewellery coming from the wild tamarind and mimosa trees are hand crafted by the women of Antigua. Antiguan pottery is another thing to look out for. From figurines to dishes to table lamps, all serve as exotically Antiguan.
Some other things which one cannot afford to miss include jerk chicken on the BBQ, English Harbor 5 year old rum and a cold pint of Wadadli. A helicopter view of the exclusion zone on Monsterrat is a must as it views an entire city destroyed by the island’s volcanic eruption that occurred in 1995. The tropical rainforests, the turquoise seas and the exotic wildlife will never let the spirit of your vacation die.
Shirley Heights is a sprawling array of gun emplacements and military buildings on Antigua and Barbuda. The site owes its name to General Shirley, Governor of the Leeward Islands. It offers a breathtaking view of the English Harbor while the evening is being served rum punch and accompanied by reggae music.
The island’s exotic pottery is sold at an array of local markets. Sea View Farm Village is the center for folk pottery which dates back to the early 18th century. The fashion of pottery comes from slaves who crafted cooking vessels from local clay. Antiguan clay pottery doesn’t last long in cold environments and breaks easily.
The twin islands are paradise in disguise. With the July carnival, private beachfronts and exotic cruises, the Land of 365 Beaches offers you a beach for each day of the year.


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