Antigua and Barbuda History Month Progresses


St.JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – February 22, 2015 – The inaugural Antigua & Barbuda History Month moves into week two with three more village exhibitions and film shows followed by two days of centralized activities at the Multipurpose Cultural Center, before culminating in Barbuda by mid-March.

The activities got off to an excellent start in Old Road last Monday 16th February, moving on to Swetes, then Old Road. In each village there was an exhibit of village life highlighting the lifestyle and culture followed by an old time ‘flim’ show and cultural presentation. The exhibits were visited by a number of schools during the day followed by the community in the evening.

This week the villages of Wilikies, Seaview Farm and Freeman’s Village will take focus as each will feature in an exhibit, documentary and cultural presentation.

Freeman’s Village will be featured on Monday 23 at the Freeman’s Village Primary School. Next will be Seaview Farm on Tuesday 24 at the Seaview Farm Primary school. Finally, Wilikies Village will feature on Wednesday 25 at Wilikies Village Primary School.

The Culture Development Division has collaborated with the Precision Center and residents across the six villages to facilitate: the broadening of knowledge of the Nation’s history and culture, to further kindle the spirit of the community and to forge an awareness of the values of working together and patriotism.

The Antigua leg of the History Month activities culminates with a two day exhibition and screening at the Multipurpose Centre to be executed by the Precision Center. The plans and dates for Barbuda will be revealed shortly thereafter


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